Restaurant Chatbots are Revolutionizing Businesses

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Chatbot have become one of the biggest growth opportunities in the digital marketing space. If you’re looking to grow your restaurant by improving all-round

customer experience and consequently get more bookings, implementing chatbots is the jackpot for there location.

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We Are Now In The Messenger Bot Era,

The era of bots is finally here. 6 of the top 10 most used apps globally are Messaging Apps with over 4 billion downloads. Your customers and prospects use these Apps daily. 

We help you make the most of these numbers by connecting with them with bots. And of course, restaurant chatbot implementation serves as an advanced and effective way to engage your audience and generate revenue.

This is exactly what you need – connecting with the online world. Saves you time and helps you to cut costs. 

The Statistics Speak for Themselves;


45.8% of consumers mentioned they would rather communicate with a business through a messaging app than any other communication channel.


60% of consumers value businesses that can be reached through messaging apps and respond to requests.


55% of consumers are interested in interacting with a business using messaging apps to solve problems.


With Over 1.3 Billion Facebook Messenger Users, People LOVE using Facebook Messenger.

This figure is enticing – 1.3 billion users! The restaurant industry should be making most of these figures. Besides, many people prefer making their buying requests via livechat – that’s the future of the business.

Facebook messenger has made life easier. It allows everyone (your customers and prospects) to communicate with you anytime, any day. 50% of food consumers expect a restaurant’s customer service to be open 24/7, this is only achievable with a restaurant bot.  

Being the most used Messaging App globally, there are great chances that restaurant chatbot via Facebook messenger is the future of the business.

We Will Help you Generate More Bookings & Reviews for your Restaurant with Chat Bots

The Digital Landscape Continues to Change.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is constantly changing the digital advertising landscape of the food industry. According to Business Insider in 2016, “By 2020, over 80% of businesses are expected to have implemented some sort of bot automation.”

This tells us AI is going to be the future of business online. Now most eatery rely on Facebook’s organic traffic and some sort of search engine optimization strategies to expand their online audience. They’re not just reliable enough (as algorithms constantly change) and the competition is high.

Even when you try other digital marketing techniques like email marketing or social media marketing, you still have to face competition for attention since there’ll be similar posts to yours on those platforms. Building bots restaurant is the new idea.

The uniqueness of a bot can’t be overemphasized. It was predicted that 85% of restaurant customers’ questions will be handled without a human agent in the nearest future. A chatbot enables your restaurant to run effectively, whilst creating balance – increased sales, reduced marketing cost and better user experience.

It is the best and efficient way to connect with your customers and diners online.   


Customer Acquisition & Retention is Easier with our custom built Chatbots

Outstanding user experience goes a long way to acquire new customers while retaining and affirming existing ones. Restaurants now allows food places to effectively communicate and provide adequate instant answers to their clients questions. Over time, great customer experience has proven to be an effective strategy to create a pool of loyal customers and enjoy time to time reservations.

Customer service does not only lie in the quality of food you serve but also in how quickly you responds whenever they make inquiries or have problems you need to solve.

The long awaiting era of Chatbots in the food business is here. Your customers don’t have to wait for hours before they get through to your business or receive a response to their sent email about a menu item, current offer or directions to your location. A restaurant bot will help you provide adequate and instant support. Without your employee having to check & send facebook messages at all hours of the night.

Not only will a bot increase your reservations, profit and customer loyalty but it can save you up to 30% in user support costs while increasing customer service satisfaction. It is simply giving less for more

So Why Aren't More Restaurants Using Chatbots?
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Considering Chatbot helps to save customer support costs while increasing revenue and improving customer satisfaction, why then do we not have it in all restaurants’ websites?

The truth is, they require professionalism and experience to set up. Not based on “nothing good comes easily,” the setup is just not all easy.

The tools and programming languages required to set up one is not easy to navigate.

Also, integrating the bot into your website requires technical-know-out and could be pretty challenging.

Maybe you don’t have to go through the stress and expenses of setting up one for your website if at all you find someone who claims to be able to create on.

Maybe you should think of getting a customized chatbot built for your restaurant…

Enough of the “Maybes” You could start improving your restaurant’s user satisfaction, save support costs and increase your bookings by engaging your audience.

This is only achievable if you leverage bot to your restaurant.

Automate bookings by leveraging Chatbot Technology.

Everything in the digital world is becoming automated – AI and machine learning is the future of technology! Grab this great opportunity to grow in the restaurant industry. Let us build your restaurant a tool that would efficiently interact with your users to get you more bookings now and in the future.  

As users love to experience great support, it makes it a great strategy to acquire new customers while retaining and reaffirming the existing ones.

Restaurateur Revolution comprises a team of professional and certified digital marketers who know the strategies to implement to rule the online world. We are specialists in building Facebook messenger chatbots for restaurants.

We will build a restaurant bot for you that’ll engage with your audience in real-time and is packed full of features.

A conventional flow & sequence that’ll enable smooth interaction with your users would be integrated.  

Everything required for your bot to be up and running will be handled by our team of specialists without having to break the bank.

Enjoy the future from now on by incorporating Facebook bot to your brand. Let’s build a chatbot restaurant for your company!

We help Restaurants grow by leveraging artificial intelligence technology

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